Jack Lemmon and George C. Scott lead an all-star solid on this compelling take a look at the jury deliberations in a homicide trial for which a conviction means sending a …

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50 thoughts on “12 Angry Men (1997)

  1. They should of changed out Bubba Gump and Who’s the Boss with other characters. I felt like the majority of the movie I was just listening to them wine, cry, and bitch and moan about every little thing. Every time someone talked you had to listen to someone else complain and play dumb first. It was just way to over the top, unrealistic, and overacting, even George C Scott was a bit to much for this type of movie. It just wasn’t enjoyable to watch when there’s more complaining then anything else. It was a good movie and worth watching, but not something I would suggest.

  2. Ok i know people love the original but this one is just as good because no one living now even remembers all the actors in the original . Except for a few hardcore fans, but there's alot of great actors on this this one will stand out more for me

  3. GOTTA LOVE IT!! A modern version of the Henry Fonda (Black & White) classic. Each of those stars went on to bigger and better success. This cast is also top notch with fantastic acting and New diversity among the caliber of actors.

  4. The Sopranos pilot was filmed in 1997, the same year as this film's release. Gandolfini looks and sounds pretty much the same here as he does in season 1 of The Sopranos. I'm pretty sure I first saw this film before I became familiar with The Sopranos because when I started watching The Sopranos I didn't remember Gandolfini having been in it. I remember I liked it a lot so I was pleasantly surprised when I revisited this film to see him in it. In fact, most of the actors in this film are also super familiar having also been in many other well known and popular productions. Gandolfini was in a lot of ensemble things like this. True Romance, Get Shorty and Crimson Tide are good examples. I really miss him. He complimented anything he was in and he was in a lot of things with a lot of great actors/actresses. He left his mark in many things besides The Sopranos. He seemed like a real person too, not a pompous/pampered Hollywood type.

  5. They could of done away with all the cussing. Cussing doesn't make a movie better, just like putting lipstick on a pig doesn't makes it prettier.

  6. Truth, Justice, Compassion, Courage, and Humility, all in the same room with 'The Rule of Law' holding these twelve men in sway. A truly perfect picture of what our glorious Democracy is all about. What we are all scrabbling over and seem to have forgotten; how to be ruled by a democratic notion. Our president, who threw out our Constitution for his own prideful purposes, has openly performed in criminal ways which must be treated as such for this fragile ideal 'The Rule of Law' to remain a powerful tool it was crafted to be used for with dutiful respect. May we rise to the occasion. PS. I loved this movie and it passion for fallacies. Thank you to all the actors and contributors who made this scene so dynamic and powerful. May you and yours…Be In Good Health.

  7. Who when watching an old movie wonders for a second why no one is wearing a mask? LOL.
    I love the original with Henry Fonda, but this version is great also. All the actors are chosen well for their roles.

  8. good movie , prefer the original, but the issue with this film now, is if it were to be remade the scene when they have a knife on their person and bring out to show, would not be possible today , since every major court house has metal detectors , and they would confiscate a knife at the door.

  9. Come on people! I skimmed through all 300+ comments and did not find a single person who caught a most glaring legal mistake!

    The screenwriters of both the original and this version of the movie were and are totally ignorant of the difference between civil and criminal law. If you were old enough to understand the OJ trials, you should know that even though acquitted of the double murder, he was found guilty in the civil case for wrongful death, and it cost him everything but his freedom.

    This involves a very fundamental aspect of law: In a civil trial only reasonable doubt needs to be established, but in a capitol murder case guilt must be PROVEN BEYOND THE SHADOW OF A DOUBT – especially when a defendant's very life is at stake. Most screenwriters are either just plain stupid, or are constantly misleading the public at large intentionally. No self-respecting judge would EVER instruct a jury to consider "reasonable doubt" for a guilty verdict in any capitol murder case, EVER. Period.

    Arrogance most often equates to ignorance…

  10. The original was better, and I never understood why just because you could yell and cuss meant you were a great actor… great actors don't need a prop.

  11. I am on the clock here in Melrose Park illinois Watching this…..Lunchtime now…Thank you for posting this movie…12well known stars together….

  12. I love Lemon and Scott and have every respect for their filmography. This is the second time I've seen them paired up for a remake of an old classic. The other is "Inherit the Wind". The supporting cast in this remake is not as strong as the original, with the exception of Cronyn and Olmos. I can understand that Lemon and Scott would enjoy the challenge of such an excellent script and story. But though it must have been fun for them, I don't see a value for the public. The remakes have neither equaled nor surpassed the originals which leaves us with second best. It is also unfortunate that this remake inserted some contemporary politics, namely the threat of illegal aliens to the black population in America.

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