01-02-2021 Camano Island, WA – Damaging Windstorm – Fatal Accident

NOT FOR BROADCAST*** Contact Brett Adair with Stay Storms Media to license. brett@livestormsnow.com Right this moment the a robust storm has been impacting …

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21 thoughts on “01-02-2021 Camano Island, WA – Damaging Windstorm – Fatal Accident

  1. Interesting. YouTube's policies state that they do not allow for monetization on content involving tragedies. And yet, here we are. Watching a mafia city advertisement, and then a turbotax ad, AND a wish ad. What..? Got anything to say @YouTube?
    Sorry @Live Storms Media I know you gotta make your ad rev. somehow.. but this directed strictly toward YouTube and their sh*tty biased guidelines and community policies.

  2. Drove upon this yesterday before the cops ad every one got there .. it was bad so young to die and take others with you . I feel today kids our not like how older generation grew up the kids today live in a whole different World now so many distractions . So sad that corner down there has already claimed two other life’s maybe time to put in some lights or a guard rail . I know it’s the country and that’s why I moved out here .

  3. All fatal accidents are considered covid-19, known as Chinese’s viruses to match 120,000,000 Joe’s numbers

  4. Brace for more severe weather, Pacific Northwest! It’s a stormy start to a new year for the Pacific Northwest!

  5. This video suggests the accident, in the beginning, was caused by a falling power pole. That is not true in the least bit. I live only a few short miles from this incident. There was a young 20-year-old man who was with two young women in their teens traveling at a high rate of speed for the conditions and it cost him his life. The two young women are in the hospital in critical and serious condition. It was the two persons talking over the video who got erroneous information from someone else. This accident has been investigated by the Washington State Patrol who gave the report of speeding which lead to this fatality.

  6. Driving too fast for weather conditions, slid and didn't have 2 hands on the wheel!!!! So glad I don't have to pick up dead bodies anymore!!! Understand that there are innocent victims, it's just the stupid, ignorant arrogant selfish macho agressive drivers that kill themselves or others that made the job more difficult. Always felt sorry for the Police Officers knocking on the families door to tell them their loved ones aren't coming home tonight 😭

  7. My deepest sympathies goes out to the loved ones of the person who tragically
    lost their life, may the Lord comfort you & give you strength to get through this
    heartbreaking time In Jesus Holy Blessed name Amen.😭🕊🙏🌺💜🌺🙏🕊

  8. Hi malingo ke indonesia panen raya banyak tumpah bruwah jika beli mahal maka malingo ke indonesia…. Sudah kumpul dipasar.. Je

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