[01.01] HK First Demonstration of the Year – English Live #hongkong #protests #news

In reminiscence of all of the victims. RIP English commentary and narrations of the Hong Kong Protests Please signal these three petitions!

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19 thoughts on “[01.01] HK First Demonstration of the Year – English Live #hongkong #protests #news

  1. 2020 is a good year to boycott Mainland China products!

    Bronze Star – Used to enjoy purchasing mainland china goods but now cut down spending on them by at least 50%

    Silver Star – Cut down spending on mainland china goods by at least approx 90%. Maybe it's hard to fully cut down since for example the electronics product has Chinese parts.

    Gold Star – 100% boycotted! Maybe there are exceptions such as buying games from Chinese indie developers on Steam?

    Platinum Star – 100% boycotted and also helped people find alternative products (at least for certain types like electronics) to buy instead of mainland china brand ones.

    What star are you guys? Or what star would you guys aim for? Maybe this could be part of your new year resolution? 🙂

  2. Hong Kong police go rogue and breached the law of human rights again on Wednesday 01st January 2020. HK citizens were legally protesting which was granted by police themselves(for Carrie Lam increasing wages of police and commending then). More than 1 million people (protesters)on the street, the police also dressed as protesters, and made violent damages to HSBC banks from inside those shops(smashing glazing from the inside, so the shattered pieces falling outside onto the streets. Also burning machines of the shop). This was an act and excuse to cancel the protests half way, and gave 30 minutes for more than 1 million protestors to disperse. Those that couldn’t vacate already the streets, were terrorised by police shooting tears gas, rubbers bullets and water cannon. Also arresting more than 460 protester( Doctors, Observers and Firefighters⋯)that was on New Years 2020 in Hong Kong. So is that what you call CCP’ law and the One country two systems; today Hong Kong tomorrow Taiwan

  3. @Chilli Lucas – 智利仔
    智利攝影師在 11 月拍攝反政府示威後,伏屍家中且相機失踪而至今無人被捕


    Chile: was a young woman murdered for photographing anti-government protests?

  4. One demand: all kids go home to be with their parents for New Year. To the parents: send your kids to study abroad so as to avoid mixing with the criminals if you can; it is their future at stake.

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