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37 thoughts on “🔴 Building The ULTIMATE JungleCore Island | Swampy Goodness

  1. 3:49:00 you can normally put stuff there! I’m currently playing and wanted to test it, and it let me put an outdoor table basically all the way to the door on the side. I wonder if it has to do with the plant? Or maybe even the tree

  2. Even though I never get to be apart of the live stream is still fun to watch after while I work on my island. You inspired me to do a theme. I'm trying a tropic core island😁

  3. You could put a water path under the lilly pads to make them look like they are in small bodies of water. Thanks for the video.

  4. Wow, that stream was fire, so sad I missed it! Would it be possible maybe to have one stream out of 3 to be at UK/EU time? Just a thought T.T

  5. Had to finish up watching today! Just wanted to add that swearing actually is a sign of high intelligence and studies have shown recently that it’s a sign of well balanced mental health as well! I’d recommend watching The History of Swear Words on Netflix! It’s a silly thing to add but I thought it was interesting that you brought it up and we had just had a conversation with our family therapist about letting our kids use (privately) more swears because of the emotional health benefit! You actually release chemicals in the brain when using swear words that help heal depression and anxiety! Anyway lol love the swamp! I can’t believe how much you finished the last few hours that I missed yesterday! It looks great!

  6. loving all the island renovations! I am going to redo my island because I love your "assortment" of villagers and I wanted a reason to have a wide variety as well! im going to try and do different African areas – the desert, savanna and the mountains/junglely area. thanks for the inspo! keep on keepin on

  7. I like my villagers to wander where they want so my island has very few paths for this reason. I noticed when I had pathways they never used them.

  8. Darn it, so close…..One of these days I'm going to catch one of your streams live! Hope you're doing well Pat, you are the only you tuber I follow constantly. Now to watch it anyways. lol

  9. I literally have a junglecore villager in my campsite and I already have a koala on my island too… I gotta make the decision like now but I was gonna do fairycore/cottagecore, but now im leaning towards junglecore and I think I might actually go with that lol

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