💖 VALENTINE'S DAY ISLAND TOURS In Animal Crossing New Horizons!

Thanks for watching! In the event you’re curious as to how you will get picked for at the moment’s livestream, it’s going to be based mostly off the next: 1. Since we’re debuting the brand new …

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33 thoughts on “💖 VALENTINE'S DAY ISLAND TOURS In Animal Crossing New Horizons!

  1. Awesome stream! Thank you for giving us the chance to get to know you better with stories about your Dad and about Karl (Rrrrrl lol). It means a lot to know that you trust us enough to allow us to care about you as a whole person, not just the professional side of you. A+ rating on the suit! Can't wait to see you next stream <3

  2. My animal crossing game isn’t letting me have any holidays for some reason. Like it didnt do toy day (Christmas) and it didnt do valentines day. Im so confused. I dont want to reset my game ive got alot into it. Do any of you know what is happening or how i can fix it?

  3. Actually to be quite honest 2021 is looking a lot better than 2020 if you ask me also those shut creature are from Spirit Away the movie !!

  4. Got my daughter a mug and myself a sticker for my New Switch! so happy to get a little special valentines gift for us
    Thank you for the %15 off has to do it off screen or would have missed discounts

  5. Hi Abdallah, thank you for your great work. Unfortunately I can't see your streams live, but I always watch them retrospectively. I think it's nice that you show your emotional side too! Thanks for that 💕
    Take care 🍀
    Greetings from Germany

  6. You looked so good. Please wear a suit for Mario's birthday, I'm two days older than Mario so it would be a nice birthday treat for me and everyone else I'm sure, too.

  7. Happy Valentine's Day! Loved the outfit as well. Didn't make it to the stream, but it was fun watching it when I did! Hope you can reach 900K very soon!

  8. When you cam to my island, I literally SCREAMED so loud that my grandma thought someone was dying. You came to my island before but I got gate crashed 3 or 4 times so u ended up leaving 🙁 at least you were able to come to my island today! And it was a special day too! I loved the stream btw! My fav island you visited had the rainbow pattern flooring! that island was soo pretty. EDIT: Happy Valentines Day!

  9. Happy Valentines Day Abdallah, I’m currently subscribed to you and I love seeing your videos, hope that your doing well.

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