Obtain The Massive Jackpot app for extra content material and our very personal Slot Machine recreation! Such a enjoyable time on the cruise up to now! Be sure that to …

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  1. Hola sería bueno que lo traduzcan al español ya que aca hay mucha gente que ve tus videos.. o subtitulados..sería bueno te dejó la inquietud un saludo desde ARGENTINA💣💣

  2. Hi Scott, these cruise ship slots are really tight. I think my friend, tonight it’s really going to be the luck of the draw. Best of luck in the group pull tonight! If anyone can do it my money’s on you.

  3. Rawhide! – Rollin Rollin Rollin keep Raja’s bank roll swollen waiting for a Big Boom tonight.…………… through wind and rain and weather he will play that slot forever waiting for those Big Booms tonight……

  4. So excited for the group pull! Great first night of booms! How about any aristocrat games with fun bonuses!? 🙋🏼‍♀️❤️🎰

  5. Hi raja. I have been in the bomb squad for some time and I have watched all you videos. I think you and your team is grrat! Do you think I could get a shout out tonight during your play? That would be amazing. And if you could play that triple demand game you played last night that would be great. Thank you so much! Good luck on your trip.

  6. BOOM! Good video! I personally dont like lightning link but seems 98% love it out there! Play whatever machine will give ya big booms! I enjoy any of your content! Good luck raja and team! Boom boom BOOM

  7. Do they have a cash claw machine on board? Maybe quick hits or double diamonds. At the Norwegian casino website they show a lot of jackpots for these games. Whats the name of the ship again, I should probably know but forgot.

  8. For lack of the cool high stakes machines maybe some favorite low stake games like Buffalo, Cleopatra,Big city fives, More chili,ect

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