❤️ Lanzarote 2019 (Canary Islands – Puerto del Carmen)

Lanzarote . Spanish pronunciation: [lanθaˈɾote, lansaˈɾote]) is a Spanish island, the northernmost and easternmost of the autonomous Canary Islands within the …

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10 thoughts on “❤️ Lanzarote 2019 (Canary Islands – Puerto del Carmen)

  1. could anyone tell me please where and how to get to the harbour from pdc strip we get the bus in from Teguise where we are staying again end of next Month ,march we have been several times to lanzarote and love it and have been on the bus before to pdc but never seen the harbour i guess we just dandered on the strip but it would be lovely to see more thanks for any help .

  2. Super, this near our hotel, Relaxia Olivina. Well be in Januray 2019 and we go in september 2019, but on 2 weeks;)
    In januray 2019 weather was so cool, 25 celcius 😉

  3. I was in Puerto del carmen in feb 2019 such a beautiful place beautiful scenery hours of walking in the brilliant sunny weather people are so friendly I was asked if I wanted a job but did not have accommodation I will go back again and ask about rented flat

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