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This phase of Zee Information brings detailed information tales of the day. देखिए देश और दुनिया की बड़ी खबरें विस्तार से #Deshhit #TopNewsStories …

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34 thoughts on “आज दिनभर की बड़ी खबरें विस्तार से | Today's Big News in Detail | Deshhit NEWS TODAY | Top News Today

  1. Now it's going very wrong…………they atankwadis are not knowing that there are many more peoples in india.aur agar unka gussa chalu ho gaya toh atankwadiyon ko 5 min bhi nahi lagega sant hone ko

  2. किसान घर में खेती कर रहै है वा ऊगर वादी

  3. ભારતના તિરંગાને ફે આતંકવાદી હોઈ શકે
    બીજો કોઈ પણ વ્યક્તિ તીરંગો ના ફેંકી સકે

  4. sikhs are the 5th largest religion in the world shocking that indians know nothing about sikhs – when the nishan sahib flag is in every country in the world — where sikhs live and indians think its khalistani and do not even know that sikhs holy flag is – sikhs do not want khalisatan as they live around the world and in all parts of india – infact sikhs have progressed and the richest in most countries and feed the whole of india – why are people in india so uneducated – sikhs are not happy as the red fort has been sold and it belong to the sikhs – The conquest of Lal Qila was won by the Sikh forces in 1783 – and belongs to the sikhs – modi goverment has sold the LAL QILA and sikhs as not happy and have every right to host the nishan sahib flag – shame on modi goverment as he is selling everything only sikhs can save india

  5. सरकार से निवेदन है कि दंगाईयो के खिलाफ कार्य वाई किये जाय भारत माता की जय

  6. This news media channel is attempting to orcestrate the viewers thought process whilst viewing clips of defense as offensive. Shame on Zee media. Nishan Sahib is a triangle flag. Also remember Sikhs never messed with anyone, until they are messed with. DO NOT FORGET WHO STARTED, INSTIGATED, PERPETUATED THIS!! They will still serve and protect you idiots who hate the peaceful Sikhs.

  7. I am a Sikh. I love my Hindu brothers. Force has to be used when kindness, peace, and patience is being tactfully abused and when politicians cause law enforcement to abuse peaceful protestors of all races, religions, and age groups including the elderly.

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